Welcome at Y 'a q' A

Here we create with Audacity! It mixes genres and materials without complex.

We dare, it goes!
Impossible is not Y 'a q' A.

Jimmy and John, the Y 'a q' A also open the door to other artists.
In the Gallery, of course, but also outside in the summer, on the trail of the artists, that runs along the river Glane.

For any additional information contact Jimmy or Marylène to 079 720 26 07

Jimmy and John wish you a good visit!

Exposition à Gland


The sculpture trail is open year-round.

The Gallery is open by appointment. Except June, July, August the Gallery is open every weekend

The week on request

to 079 720 26 07

Crane - project 2015

Discover our project over time...

Crane - project 2015.06.06 - step 1